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Gaining brand awareness in today’s age is very competitive. In the old days a few hundred brands may be battling it out to gain recognition but now days it’s more than a few thousands. In this Article we will share with you our very own Brandvil MAC Strategy for getting your brand recognized by the right people at the right time of their need.

We at Brandvil provide Brand Strategy and SEO services to help brands de-position their competition and gain their chunk of the market share, and MAC strategy is one of those strategies we ourselves use to help our clients gain the recognition their brand needs.

In this article you will learn how MAC Strategy step by step helps you understand what you were doing wrong and why your brand was not getting the attention your were hoping it would.

What is MAC Strategy?

MAC is an abbreviation for Medium, Audience and Content. This is a step by step procedure to identify the best way to gain attention from your ideal target audience. As you solve each step, the next step becomes easier for you to identify and process. Just like the name flows we start with Medium.

What is Medium?

It is extremely important to realize what medium is best for growing your brand awareness and where should your marketing campaigns be focused. To make it simpler Medium means the platforms that you will be using to send your marketing messages or sharing the products or services you have with your ideal customer. Below are some examples for the Mediums being widely used today.

Once you are aware of the Mediums available to you for reaching out to your potential customers and clients, now it is time to filter out the Mediums from best to worst based on the type of your business. In this article going forward we will use the example for B2B (Business to Business) brands and organizations, however if you would like a free breakdown from me of your business and how MAC strategy can apply best to it you can sign up for a free consultation by clicking here.

For B2B brands the best way for them to build brand awareness is to place themselves in an environment where other likeminded business people can interact with them and they can build their brand equity and goodwill.

The clear answer for such kind of business would be to use LinkedIn, it is a platform which is primarily focused towards business related discussion and topics, it is like a social media platforms for brands and the people in them to talk and share business insights with one another.

In contrast even though Facebook, Instagram and other platforms are not bad option they are not the prime location for a B2B focused business to invest their energy in, because there are going to be many other distractions that will keep their target audience engaged and it reduces the chance of your business reaching them where they can pay proper attention to it.

To understand this better lets consider Facebook, there are family and friends posting their life adventures if not news and other type of content all the time, if you are posting about Brand Strategy it will get very low engagement as it is not the norm for that environment, however on LinkedIn it would gain attraction from those who are interested in Brand Strategy. Therefore it is important that you distinguish which Platform is best used for what and where your audience would engage with the type of content you post.

What is Audience?

As you probably noticed we have used the word Ideal Target Audience a fair few times, and there is a good reason to that.

There’s a saying “If you are for everyone, you are for no one.” This means that if you try to please everyone, you will end up satisfying no one. When you have a clear target audience and you tailor your message and product or service to meet their specific needs, you are more likely to build a loyal customer base and succeed with your business.

In an article where we teach about why investing in building a Brand Strategy is extremely important to minimize the risk of failing in business, we explain how having a deep understanding about your own brand personality can help you identify what tribe you are looking to serve. By identifying your tribe; in a world full of noise you can communicate in the language they can understand and thus gain the attention your brand desires.

Brand Strategy – The Key for Building a Successful Brand

Now that you have identified the Medium based on general observation of our Audience, it is time to go deeper and understand your Audience at a deeper level. At the Audience step we identify the pain-points and insecurities your potential customers have. This will allow you to craft your messaging which targets those pain-points and provide a solution so that your brand voice can be heard and listened to by your potential customers.

There are a few more metrics you can explore about your target audience to gain an even better understanding, this can help you price and direct your marketing efforts in certain regions and find who can best afford your product / service.

Metrics for Target Audience:

The use of each of these Metrics may or may not apply to your business, The usage depends on the type of business you have and which of these it depends on. 

Since we are discussing about B2B you may have to consider things like Geographical Location, for example if a Business helps install Solar Panels for business organizations in its city, it needs to direct its marketing efforts locally to reach its ideal customers, maybe for extra filtration you can even add Company Size to your metrics, allowing you to identify the ideal brands / businesses that Solar Installation company can serve and that their audience can actually afford to pay their service cost. Once you identify and build the ideal target audience persona, up next is Content.

What is Content?

Content can range anywhere from Social Media Posts, Blog Articles or Paid Advertisements. Once you identify the needs and pain-point of your audience it is important you create content that brings attention to those pain points, this way your content will resonate with the audience you cater to and they will be willing to read what you have written or watch what you have created whether its a video or a carousel.

Since we are taking the example of B2B and we discussed about Solar Panels earlier, this brand could create content about how Solar is helping businesses save tons of electricity cost by going green, this would cater to the pain-point of those organizations that have high electricity costs and prove to them that it is more beneficial for them to install alternative Solar solutions to power their organization long term, which in return will increase their Sustainability score and help them gain more profits since their costs would’ve come down.

Here is a list for some form of content that can be produced to be shared on different mediums:

Types of Content:

Deciding what type of content to produce depends on your marketing strategy and how you are going to apply what you learned in this article, now lets conclude everything and see what we’ve learned.


So now you have learned that first you need to identify your medium and based on that decide what kind of audience thrives on those platforms, and what kind of content gets the most engagement, once you’ve done that, you are ready to deploy your sails and start sailing towards brand building and getting a high level of brand awareness. If you would like a free consultation with Brandvil on how MAC Strategy can be applied to your business you can schedule a free call by clicking here. I hope you found this valuable and that it helps you plan out your next brand awareness campaign. If you have any questions you can leave them down below in the comments.

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